Over the last twenty years I've watched in awe as my mum, Fiona Wemyss, an interior decorator and fabric walling specialist, has covered miles of walls in a myriad of beautiful fabrics in 'Great Houses', town houses, country houses, apartments and cottages.

I, Molly Wemyss, am lucky enough to have learnt this very beautiful and traditional skill at the hands of my mum.  I love the hugely satisfying hands-on process, the jaw dropping results and the potential for using this traditional method in both historic and contemporary environments.

On large scale projects where many hands are needed we work together (always a joy as mum has a notoriously good laugh), smaller projects I take on solo.  We're always up for a challenge.

Molly Wemyss, Fabric Walling Specialist at Stretch.  Fabric Walling for Luxury Interiors.